We’re on a mission to help people live healthier, happier lives

There is a global health crisis caused by physical inactivity. In modern society, people are living more sedentary lives, not moving enough, and the pressures of fast living are causing an “always on” way of being. This has led to increased levels of stress and poor emotional health, a problem exacerbated in 2020 through the Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s a serious problem and it’s the one that here at Active Orbit we are serious about solving.

Physical inactivity and related illness is costing the NHS an estimated £9bn/year – the World Health Organisation tell us that it’s rivalling smoking as being the leading cause of early death. This places it as the fourth leading cause of global mortality, contributing to over five million preventable deaths each year. One in 3 adults in England live with a long-term health condition and they are twice as likely to be amongst the least physically active. However, evidence shows that regular physical activity can help prevent or manage many common conditions such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers. It also helps keep symptoms under control, prevent additional conditions from developing, and reduce inequalities. 

The good news is that even small changes can make a big difference over time, such as using the stairs rather than taking the lift, swapping the car for walking on local journeys, or committing to just 10 minutes outdoors of brisk walking every day.  It’s fair to say that we all KNOW that being active is good for us, but we end up lacking the ongoing motivation and the staying power to create habits that will help us to stay active over time.

So, let’s come together to move our bodies and get more active, day by day. Active Orbit is a simple – yet ingenious – platform and a rewards marketplace that will incentivise and encourage you to get healthier whilst also encouraging you to shop locally and explore where you live. We’ve designed it to be the perfect way to get people healthier and to feel happier as a direct result.

Being part of Active Orbit empowers you to make an attitudinal change towards health – its not about sport, fitness or exercise. Our focus is on walking more, collecting “heart minutes” for walking at a rate that gives your heart a workout and builds stamina – and rewarding you for those heart minutes with tangible rewards from local businesses and clubs, redeemable via the app. You can also collect up to 30 minutes of “move minutes” per day, so that when you’re starting out and building up your heart minutes you can still collect Orbit points and rewards. It’s an “access for all” ethos with everyone included and incentivised to move.

The great news is that scientific evidence tells us that just 10 minutes of brisk walking a day, over time, will have transformational effects on your mental and physical health. Once you’re an Orbiteer, you get rewarded for your active minutes. When you choose to leave the car at home and walk round your community, you get rewarded. Choosing the stairs, inviting your friends to join you for walks in the park, using cycling for local journeys – you get rewarded. If you’re already active, you’ll earn rewards from day one and enjoy exploring your community to redeem them, making new friends as you go. If you’re not yet active, and need a little more motivation and support, then our clever app and our friendly Members’ Community is here to inspire and help you, so that day by day you gain more control. Of course the rewards start to add up so you can celebrate your progress and that will spur you on.

Sounds great, right? Together we make activity more fun and rewarding so it feels good and then you inevitably want to do it more, so it becomes part of your normal routine. The more you walk, the more you smile.

Here’s the inside track on how our secret sauce works.

  1. HABITS As humans, we tend to fall into habits of behaviour that we know don’t serve us but we cannot change them from willpower alone. There has been so much interesting research about habits in recent years – showing that in fact it can be easy to form new habits with some simple tools, but equally it can be very hard to break bad habits if you are not helped and supported by the people and the environment around you.You may have heard the saying “you are the product of the 7 people you spend most time with” and this is really important. If you live or work with people who are also in bad activity habits, are not motivated to improve or welcome change, then you’re going to struggle to create change yourself.
  2. COMMUNITY We’re building a vibrant group of people who want to live healthier, happier lives and do good in the world. Together, we make change to our own lives but also we help the communities we live in. The way we’ve designed our ecosystem means that our Community Reward Partners are intrinsic to all of our success –  we all want to shop locally, connect with independent small businesses and support their growth and our local economy. We’ve seen during Covid-19 that more than ever that small business community is the backbone and needs our ongoing support. Through the Active Orbit ecosystem, you can play your part by getting outdoors and getting active, creating healthy new habits, and by redeeming your Orbit Rewards in your local community we come together. Activity Rewarded, and everyone benefits.

    We can all commit to shopping locally, making environmentally conscious decisions, supporting others with their health choices, being part of something bigger than ourselves.

  3. ACTIVE MINUTES At the heart of Active Orbit is our clever app, which uses “always on” activity tracking to monitor your walking, running or cycling and this allows you to effortlessly record how much activity you’re doing. And you’re in control of setting your own targets so that you can gently push yourself a little further day by day. We track “heart minutes” – when you’re briskly walking (jogging or running) and you gain unlimited rewards for that time. We also track “move minutes” which is when you’re casually sauntering at a lower pace – and you can gain rewards for 30 move minutes per day. That means your active minutes get collected when you’re walking to the shops, gardening, dancing in the kitchen – as long as you have your phone with you, your activity will get counted. Unlike other health apps, this is not about competing or measuring progress in terms of miles or calories. We’re just helping you make the choice to keep moving, every day.

  1. REWARDS. We’ve set up our fantastic rewards system – which exists to inspire and celebrate you as you get more active every day. It helps to motivate you as you step forward into making positive change. It reflects the latest thinking on human behaviour and how to create lasting positive change. We all love to feel good, and when we celebrate our achievements and gain rewards for the progress we make – we feel better and this makes us do more of the things that make us feel good. It’s emotions that help us to create change over time, not the actions themselves. Put simply, when you do more of things that make us feel happy, you want to continue those things day by day. By earning rewards for your active minutes, you get to celebrate your progress on a regular basis and you naturally want to keep earning more and more rewards day by day.
  2. WELLBEING Last but certainly not least, by becoming part of the Active Orbit community you’re going to empower yourself to feel better, live longer, improve your health and your relationships. It’s a lofty claim but we’re certain that these outcomes will follow for our Orbiteer members. Getting active has huge benefits for both physical and mental health, but even better than that we are bringing people together within the societies that we live in and helping us all to feel more connected through the power of technology and community. We’re doing good by feeling good, moving together – in orbit.

If you’re reading this saying “Yes! I want to live a healthier, happier life” then get ready to join our Active Orbit community.

Let’s create a movement together. We’ll be officially launching in March so keep following us on social media and sign up here on the website so you can be one of our first to come aboard.

Love from Rachel and the Active Orbit team

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