A healthy and happy workforce...

...and a stronger, healthier local community ecosystem


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A healthy and happy workforce...

...and a stronger, healthier local community ecosystem


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Cost effective engagement that motivates your employees to stay active

It’s a community where:

Everybody has the opportunity to lead a healthier and happier life through increasing their daily activity

Like-minded people and organisations in the community can come together to connect, share and support one another

Everybody benefits


1. Why should I become a Reward Partner?

There are plenty of benefits surrounding being a Rewards Partner. The biggest is being able to get your business in front of new people, with our users able to find you and your exclusive offers via the Active Orbit App. So, you can use Active Orbit as your own marketing channel to drive awareness and get more customers through the door – at no charge to your business.

Other benefits of being a Rewards Partner include:

  • First and foremost, it’s free. A free service to all Reward Partners. There is no joining fee or ongoing fee.
  • Attract new customers who are ‘actively’ looking for ways to spend with local businesses and retailers
  • Become a member of our continually updated Active Directory of local companies offering rewards
  • It’s an opportunity to keep existing customers interested, gain valuable new customers and increase your footfall from people who live in the community and beyond.
  • Build a loyal community of new customers who return to your brand again and again
  • Feel part of the local ecosystem by participating in a pioneering regional initiative
  • Contribute towards building a vested interest in the local community with shared values around health and wellbeing, economic regeneration, social responsibility and environmental impact
  • It’s a talking point with customers – build some social interaction, create attractive offers, make the customer feel valued and stand out from the crowd.
  • Saving money on advertising elsewhere!

All this, and it’s super easy to get involved!

2. How do I sign up to become a Reward Partner?

Any business can become a Rewards Partner, from restaurants and attractions to shops and services. All you need to do is come up with a great offer that you can share with Active Orbit subscribers.

Our Rewards Partner Portal launches on the 28th September with subscribers set to join the platform and start searching the Active Directory from 7th November. If you’re interested in growing the reach of your business via the Active Orbit platform, you can

Follow these steps to register your business:

Sign up to our waitlist here: https://activeorbit.co.uk/register/ We’ll be emailing joining instructions with easy to follow videos – and our customer care team will also be on hand to help.

Follow us on social media @activeorbit on FB, Twitter, Insta, LinkedIn. Once we go live there will be lots of opportunities to advertise your business and offers via our social media account too.

Share this initiative with other local businesses on our Rewards Partner page here https://activeorbit.co.uk/register/

The only information you will need to provide to sign up from 28th September is:

  • Your business details and address
  • A photo of your logo or your shopfront
  • Your first offer (think about the offers, discounts, free incentives you could offer which are perfect for your current business focus)

Once the Rewards Partner Portal is live and your business is signed up, you will be able to update your offers whenever you want, see how many users are validating with you and enjoy the results!

3. What can I offer the Active Orbit subscribers as a reward?

What you choose to offer to users as a reward on the app is entirely up to you.

How it works:

10 minutes of activity earns the Orbiteer (your customer) one Orbit, and every 10 Orbits equals an Orbit Reward. One Orbit Reward is the minimum that can be redeemed which represents 100 minutes of activity.

There is no nominal value of an Orbit Reward, it is ultimately up to you, the Reward Partner, to set a value that you feel comfortable with which suits your products/services and your typical customers.

Here are just some examples of offers you could set, depending on your business:

Café: “Buy a sandwich and get a free soft drink”
Beautician: “10% discount on any facial”
Picture framer: “£5 discount on any purchase over £30”
Vet: “£10 off the annual checkup”
Bike shop: “Buy a cycling top, get a free water bottle.”
Newsagent: “Buy any magazine and get a daily newspaper.”
Clothes shop: “10% discount on jeans over £40.”
Estate agent: “10% off your Seller Fee”
Blinds/Shutters business: “5% discount off any purchase over £100.”
Accountancy: “5% off your annual fee .”
Garage: “£10 off your MOT”

You can also update your offer as often as you want – it’s self-service, via the Rewards Partner Portal.

Once you are signed up to the Rewards Partner Portal, you will be able to update, change and pause offers whenever you need to suit your business.

4. How do the Active Orbit subscribers redeem their rewards?

Users of the app will have access to the Rewards Partner Directory, where they can search for details of different businesses and the offers available to them.

They simply redeem rewards via the app either in-store or at the point of transaction with you.

Each Reward Partner is issued with a unique partner ID, and the subscriber simply enters this ID to redeem the reward. It is a contactless and frictionless transaction, very quick and easy.

5. What do I need to do to validate a customer reward?

All you need to redeem a customer’s Orbit Reward is to have your merchant ID to hand. This will be given to you when you sign up, be on your window sticker and will also be visible in the Reward Partner Portal if you ever need to check.


How it works

  • When your customer comes into the store, they should show you the redeemed offer on the app.
  • You can then apply it to the purchase, and allow the customer to pay the remaining balance as normal.
  • You won’t need any specialist equipment to redeem the rewards, keeping the process easy and uncomplicated.
6. What can I access through the Rewards Partner Portal?

With the Rewards Partner Portal, you will be able to upload and update offers, provide information about your business (such as your website and location to help customers find you) and view your reward partner ID. You can also update your location, change your opening times and change your log in information.

You will also be able to see how many people have redeemed your offer via the app, which you can use to analyse and identify which offers are performing best!

7. I need help – who do I contact?

If you have an issue with the Rewards Partner Portal or have a query about signing up to the Active Orbit platform, we are here to help whenever you need it.

Once you’re all signed up, there is an instant chat option so you can speak to our customer care team in real-time.

You can also email us at rpp@activeorbit.co.uk or raise a query through the Reward Partner Portal.

We will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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