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Are you ready to join Active Orbit and our movement for positive change?

Who is it for?

Individuals committing to a healthier, more active lifestyle

Families keen to spend more time outdoors and being active together

Commuters and students looking for an affordable and easy way to embrace active travel

Businesses encouraging employees to walk or cycle to (and during) work to promote sustainable agendas 

Rewards Partners who want to encourage health and activity, part of our Active Directory in the community

Join our Community

Our simple, affordable monthly subscription – just £4.99 a month – gives you a powerful community and all the support you need to get more active every day.

ActiveOrbit app tracks your active minutes so that you earn valuable rewards for all your efforts.

Feel better and create great new activity habits.

How Active Orbit works

Make every day a 10

Just 10 minutes of activity per day – brisk walking or cycling – and you’ll soon be building great new habits.

Active Orbit App

Our app tracks your active minutes and awards you points. 

Collect the Reward

Exchange reward points for tangible REWARDS (offers, freebies, discounts…)

We’re on a mission…

We know you want to live a longer, more active, and healthier life. So do we! Active Orbit is building a community of like minded people who want to be more active – we’ve harnessed the power of technology to help you become more active, more often and you get rewards for your effort! 

We have an ethos of “activity for all” and we are all about effort, not endurance or fitness. Small steps make a big difference. We keep it simple – just 10 minutes of brisk walking every day can have incredible benefits – we help you to move more around your locality and you get rewarded as you build those healthier habits. Our Active Orbit ecosystem will support and incentivise you – with reward partners onboard who also want a healthier, happier, greener community that we can all feel proud of. Together we get active and create a better world for us all to live in together. 

When you join Active Orbit, you instantly download our app, which cleverly track your active minutes, walking or cycling, and awards you Active points – stamps that you get to redeem those points in your local community. We even give you three free stamps per month for the first three months of your membership, so that you can use the Active Directory from day one to shop locally and save money as you get active.  

Whether you’re walking to your local shop, cycling to visit a friend, or on the school run – you’re incentivised to leave your car at home, moving your body more every day. 

P.S. You can also add on our “Free2Ride” subscription – for an affordable additional monthly payment – which gets you a brand new bicycle, delivered build and insured to your door. 

Love the sound of Active Orbit?

We’re welcoming our first Active Orbit subscribers into the community platform very soon – so if you want behind-the-scenes news and to be first in the queue as a subscriber, just pop your name and email below.

Our subscription is different, because it rewards you for making healthier choices, day by day.

Every time you’re active, whether walking in the park, doing your shopping or going for a gentle cycle with friends, you’ll also be earning rewards. You exchange your reward points via your local Active Orbit reward partners who are featured in our easy to use Active Directory inside the app. When you spend locally you’ll save on useful everyday items like groceries, eating out, entertainment, home improvements. Within the Active Orbit community we’ll be inspiring you and motivating you to stay active over time.

We’re growing a community of people who want to create a new way of living – a greener restart.

We’re with you every step and pedal of your journey to living an active, healthy and happier life. Helping you to share new experiences with your friends and family – we come together as a community committed to improving our environment and our own wellbeing in a sustainable way. Over time, the data collected via our app will show how you’ve contributed to reduction of C02 emissions and pollution. Every step has a purpose. 

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